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Revolutionize Your Hardware Problem-Solving with Triz: A Systematic Approach to Innovation

Triz, short for "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving," has its roots in Russia, where engineer Genrikh Altshuller analyzed over 40,000 successful inventions to formulate its principles in 1946. Today, top tech and hardware companies use Triz to design and manufacture products faster and more cost-effectively. The theory holds that innovation is not random, but follows predictable principles. By following a structured and systematic approach, one can become more creative and innovative.

The Triz Approach has 4 Stages:

  1. Identifying a Specific Problem: Finding a problem to solve.

  2. Identifying a Triz General Problem: Reducing the problem to its essentials and matching it with a general problem on the Triz database.

  3. Matching with Triz General Solutions: Matching the general problem with a general solution from the Triz database (with over 2,500 solutions).

  4. Developing a Tailored Solution: Tailoring the solution based on the specific needs and urgency of the problem at hand.

Development of a specific solution tailored for your needs:

Once the problem and the solution are matched, one must tailor the solution based on the need and the immediacy of the problem at hand. The solution must target the original problem and help to solve it in the most effective and efficient manner.

Apart from the inventive problem solving techniques, Triz also helps us identify contradictions that might happen during the product development. A contradiction happens when there are two opposing forces at play. For instance, you might want to design a product that is both strong and light. Finding a solution to the contradiction between these two requirements is essential. Finding the source of the issue and using a creative solution are the keys to solving a contradiction. Finding a strong yet lightweight material or figuring out a technique to reinforce the product without adding weight are two options if you want to make it lightweight and durable. Whatever the remedy, it needs to be original and efficient to get around the paradox. A strong foundation for addressing conflicts and creating original solutions is provided by TRIZ. This is an example of a technical contradiction.

On the other hand there is something called a physical contradiction. Here the product has contradictory requirements on the physical aspect. For example, making a bigger umbrella will protect you better from the rain but it also makes the umbrella heavy and not easy to carry around.

One of the key components of TRIZ is the concept of ideality. It requires that you constantly work to make your product or service as close to perfect as you can, which calls for taking into account all relevant factors and making the necessary adjustments. You can make sure that your product or service is of the best quality and offers your clients the most value by abiding by this guideline. Ideality has the potential to make the difference between success and failure in the cutthroat market of today. Therefore, don't forget to use the principle of ideality if you're serious about improving your goods or services.

Assuring that every element of your product or service serves a purpose and advances the main objective is the third pillar of TRIZ called Functionality. In other words, each component should have a purpose, and while creating anything new, you should consider what each part will perform and how it will contribute to the end outcome. The end result is more efficient and simple when everything has a clear purpose. Following this pillar will assist you in producing high-quality and user-friendly products and services because functionality is a crucial component of any successful design.

The use of resources is one of TRIZ's most important cornerstones. This theory explains why we should only include necessary features and use resources wisely. We can influence the world by taking into account the price and environmental effects of our goods or services. We should all take into account this principle when choosing the goods and services we use because it is important for both individuals and businesses.

In all Triz helps us make a framework of thinking and contributes to better innovation processes. Since the technological world is very dynamic, Triz helps us tailor effective and efficient solutions for the specific problem we may have during the developmental stage. We must not compromise between quality and price. The most effective solutions are that do not offer any trade offs.

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