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Specialty Work

We do specialty work for the following Industries:


A combination of light weight, high specific strength, and good castability makes magnesium alloys a promising engineering material for the automotive industry. Mg-Al-based alloys, especially the AZ and AM series, combine good room-temperature strength and ductility with satisfying salt-spray corrosion resistance and excellent castability. Vehicle weight reduction is one of the major means available to improve automotive fuel efficiency for which Magnesium is an attractive material for automotive use, primarily because of its light weight - 36% lighter per unit volume than aluminum and 78% lighter than iron. When alloyed, Mg has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all the structural metals.

Vibration Test Shaker Industry

With the increasing demand for Vibration Testing across various Laboratories and Production floors, for reasons ranging from qualifying of products during design, regulatory qualifications to even evaluating performance. All these Vibration Testing users need Fixtures, Armatures, Head Expanders to be designed and manufactured, so as to mount their specific components to the Testings machines. This is something we help our customers with the complete scope from design to adaptation of the component. Magnesium alloy has the best dampening properties and is ideal for such use cases. We white label our services to almost every major with Vibration Shaker Machine Company to serve their customers’ requirements for the same.

Tyre Products & Machinery Manufacturers

The weight density and dampening capability of Magnesium Alloys can be highly profitable in the tyre industry. The components in a Tyre Building Machines to start with have a high load bearing requirements especially for the TBR & PCR machines. Making components with Magnesium in your machinery, can significantly improve life of the machine, improve performance and reduce frequency of maintenance. Other Machinery manufacturers with significant load bearing needs observe similar benefits from using magnesium components in their products. The same properties have been the reason for using Magnesium in the Alloy Wheels category for over a century.

Aerospace & Aviation

The aerospace industry has a long history of using the metal in many applications both civil and military. It is critical to lower the weight of aircrafts, spacecraft, as well as projectiles, to aid in decreasing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. Magnesium is an ideal material for use in these applications due to limited continuing improvements on aluminum weight reduction, the high cost of fibre metal laminates or carbon fibre composites, and the poor impact, and damage properties of low density plastics when subjected to extreme temperatures. In spacecrafts and missiles, the lift-off weight reduction is of high importance in design and a material is needed that can withstand the extreme conditions faced during operation. Magnesium is capable of withstanding short wave electromagnetic radiation, exposure to ozone and the impact of high energy particles and matter. Dimensional stability is also a key factor when used in optical imaging devices carried by satellites. Our components are subjected to the highest level of quality standards, as most of these are expected to be used for manned and un-manned aerial use cases.

Consumer & Defence Electronics

In the current market, small and portable electronics are trending upward. The demand for compact devices that can be easily transported is booming and magnesium is often a key component in meeting this demand. Many magnesium alloys being used to replace plastics are just as light, but they are much stronger and more durable. Magnesium is also better in regards to heat transfer and dissipation as well as its ability to shield electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Many electronics require parts or casings with complex shapes which are possible with magnesium. Camera, cell phone, laptop and portable media device housings are all common applications in addition to arms of hard drives. The same properties are highly relevant when it comes to defence use cases in Missiles, Radars, Tracking Systems, Housings, etc.

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