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Who are we?

Exclusive Magnesium is India's oldest Magnesium Parts Manufacturer approved for Defence, Automotive, Industrial and Airworthiness Grade castings. Magnesium is a key material for light-weighting across most industries internationally and is used for it's excellent Lightweightness, Strength, Heat conductivity and High Damping.

E|Mg is backed by a highly qualified, experienced and reputed team of professionals who understand special technical complexities, process know-how and possess special skills applicable to the Magnesium alloy Castings and Component manufacturing industry.

We are the first company in India for commercial production of Magnesium Die-castings, Magnesium Extrusions and Magnesium Hot Rolled sheets & plates.

Our products have been extensively flight-tested, as also field-tested under different atmospheric conditions such as in desert areas of Rajasthan, Icey Terrains of Himalayas and on Naval Ships over a period of time and found to perform perfectly in all conditions.

We use the power of Material Science to help innovators build energy efficient machines of the future.

Use Lightweight Materials to improve Performance and Energy Efficiency of every Machine & component. 

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