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Applications of Magnesium: Vibration Shakers

Testing and analysis are important in the defence industry. Because it conveys very sensitive and hazardous commodities, defence transportation is high-risk. Vibration testing, shaker testing, vehicle failures, performance testing, and product screening are all part of the testing of a defence transportation vehicle. The standard solutions for powering the testing equipment include electrodynamics, data physics, and servo hydraulics. It assesses the vehicle's vibration and shaking levels . They must fulfil the needed criteria since they are involved in the most sensitive regions. The frequency of vibrations is a measurement of how many tip-tops the vehicle's equipment will experience during a given time period.

What is a vibration shaker used for


how a machine or a product will react to the shocks and vibrations it will experience during a critical section of its use. For a variety of sectors, including automotive, aerospace, aviation, medical devices, and defence equipment, vibration testing can do both random and sinusoidal testing. It merely assesses the equipment's quality control. With shaker testing equipment that comes in a range of sizes and can withstand up to 70,000 pounds of force.

Why magnesium is preferred

Magnesium could be a better choice for vibration testing because of its mechanical qualities. It has 30-100x better damping qualities than aluminium and is 35% lighter. Steel is not a commonly utilized

material for vibration test fixtures as the ultimate fixture weight may be three times that of an aluminium-based fixture due to its high density.

Steel's modest damping qualities are another reason why it hasn't been a popular choice for vibration test fixtures. In some circumstances, we may consider mixing typical vibration testing fixture materials like aluminium or magnesium with polymer materials like nylon, polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC), and so on. Due to its low rigidity, the polymer material may not be suited for vibration testing.

Overall, given Magnesium’s desirable properties including its weight and size, the centre of gravity, resonance, structure, and assembly, it is the ideal material choice for vibration shakers.

Exclusive Magnesium over the last 25 years has been making Vibration Test shaker equipment for the most well-known Vibration Shaker machinery brands in India and some even Internationally. We have become specialists in the

design to development of vibration Shaker equipment like rolling struts, Slip Tables, Armatures, Head Expanders, etc. to name a few.

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