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Our Stand on Quality

With over 25 years of experience supplying components critical to human safety, we understand that our customers count on us to ensure we maintain the highest quality standards in everything we do. Our Quality Management System is all encompassing, covering our senior leadership staff, external supply chain, internal processes, and even the shop floor.  

Our rigorous approach has seen us recognised by major customers for our quality performance and our ambitious attitude to continuous improvement has seen us lead the industry.  

Quality is not just a safety check or approval process – it is key to everything that we do. By fully integrating quality management into all parts of the manufacturing cycle we leverage the experience of our team to get things right first time, especially when working with our customers to develop new, innovative manufacturing solutions. This approach reduces costs and gives our customers the confidence they need to explore new components with Magnesium in their respective industries with ever rising standards.  

Fabric Machinery in Factory
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